‘Consensus in a sense I could con senses, inner senses are gone, and nuisances can not sense the inner sense of a con who’s sentence is wrong, since within sensitive, often sensors are of centre, in a sentence I’m gone. New sentence, I’m not senseless sensible sensible it makes sense, hence…’

The Statement

“My music has no one personality, it is an emotive idea inspired by the will of improvement. The art forms expressed will often be a big mix of information and collective consciousness, but mainly I draw inspirations from abstracts such as ‘truth’, ‘freedom’ and the ‘soul’. ”

The Incentive

“I can’t change the way you think, but information and ideas begat understanding. If more people thought outside the box, there’d probably be enough room for everybody. If you feel my work it just means that idea was already alive inside of you.. we just help to filter through the distractions. Peace “