Contemporary Dancer & Choreographer Vivian Luk reinterprets ‘Consensus – The Briefcase’

Shout outs to Vivian Luk (HK) who stylishly analysed ‘Consensus – The Briefcase and re interpreted the lyrics into a contemporary dance piece! Outstanding stuff, check out the links below.

Portugal Performance: A Voice Mail from Vivian Luk on Vimeo.

In her own words:

‘The Briefcase’ is a track I used to choreograph a dance piece performed at Portugal on the 6th of July, 2016. (
I was attracted by the value and belief that the lyric delivered, through which I found a unique definition of identify and integrity that I would like to further explore through transforming it into another art form. By adopting an experiential/ ideational metafiction originated from systemic functional linguistics, I analyse the lyric, and by using the analysis result, I established my perspective through dance.
By licking this link, you will be able to hear a live interview where Consensus, the rapper of ‘The Briefcase’, introduced and elaborated his ideas of the track.