Highly Dubceptive EP

Highly Dubceptive includes 3 FREE TRACKS. ‘Urban Warfare Instrumental’ +. alternative versions of Tracks 3 & 4.

All the Instrumentals can be used as royalty free music if purchased as part of the EP. For Remixes and Vocalling, Attribution must be given to Producer/Artist ‘Consensus’ as well as a copy of the work sent to [email protected]


Specials thanks to MoRxN for bringing to life my crazy cover ideas!

find more of his tuff here: morxn.blogspot.co.uk

Thanks also goes out to Cristina Canfora for her short film interpretation of D.E.Q: www.youtube.com/watch?v=MeLhmceg_Lg

  • Release Date : October 26, 2012

  • Producer : Consensus

  • Label : A/V Revolution

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